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Local Democracy in Action!

On Tuesday, April 5, 2022, GNNA co-hosted a City Council District 3 candidates forum. First, a huge thank you to Stanford Settlement where the event was located, the Natomas Buzz for helping to publicize, and the League of Women Voters (LWV) for moderating. Thank you to the three District 3 candidates who shared their views:

  • Michael Lynch

  • Adrienne Gonzales

  • Karina Talamantes

Around 60 community members showed up to ask questions and listen to the candidates. It was a great event with everyone submitting great questions and listening intently to the answers. It is easy to watch the antics going on in Washington DC and feel that the system is so broken, we will never have civil discourse ever again. The community members, candidates, and organizers of this local event were the antidote we need to the hate we hear from some of the "leaders" of this country. I left so happy that I attended an event were everyone realized how important this local election is. So, thank you to all!

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