Josi Juarez Memorial Scholarship

Josi Juarez was a long-time resident of Gardenland/Northgate and member of GNNA for many years. Josi was passionate about our community and realized the importance of community involvement. Along with being the Board Secretary of GNNA, Josi served on the GNNA scholarship committee, helped coordinate the Stanford Settlement May Day Fun Run, and worked on special projects for GNNA.


Josi passed away in 2013 and to honor Josi’s commitment to our community, GNNA is offering a special scholarship of $750.00 to applicants who demonstrate commitment to community service.  To apply for this scholarship, follow the same guidelines for the GNNA scholarship however special consideration will be given to applicants who can demonstrate an extra emphasis on community service. Please do not forget to indicate you are interested in being considered for the Josi Juarez Memorial Scholarship, on page 5 of the application. 


All applicants who are interested in the Josi Juarez Memorial Scholarship of $750.00 will also be considered for the GNNA Scholarship of $500.00; however applicants can only be awarded one of the two scholarships within an academic year. 

Who Can Apply?

Eligibility Requirements 


  1. Must be currently enrolled as a high school senior, or its equivalent, with a graduation date in the 2019/20 academic year.

  2. Must have applied to an accredited university or community college. Must also be able to demonstrate proof of registration or admittance.

  3. Must live within the boundaries of the Gardenland/Northgate Neighborhood Association as defined on Page 5 of this application. Applications will be accepted based on residency rather than school attendance.

  4. Must be able to provide a current school transcript.



  5. Must currently be attending an accredited university, community college, or vocational school and can show proof of continuing attendance in the 2020/21 school year. Must still meet eligibility requirements #3 and #4, listed above.

Previous Winners 

Application Due: Monday, May 29, 2020
The application can be found on Scholarship Application tab

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