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Joshua House

Several years ago, I was driving along Northgate Blvd. and at Garden Highway, I saw an ambulance and police officers bringing up a body from the trail that leads to Discovery Park. I later asked the police what happened and they said that it was a homeless person who died of natural causes and the intersection of Northgate and Garden Highway is the easiest place to retrieve bodies. I felt for our police, CMT, firefighters, and other workers who try to respectfully handle the remains of our homeless neighbors. That is why I support Joshua House, a hospice for the homeless.

Many homeless are suffering from chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Joshua House would be a place for the homeless who are dying. They will be directed to Joshua House by police, social workers, and others. At Joshua House, the residents will be made comfortable, connect with families, and be able to die in peace. Many homeless go to the emergency room for assistance. This is an expensive way to seek care that does not offer the ability to die with dignity.

Joshua House is proposing to open off of Northgate Blvd. A meeting is being hosted by CM Harris to go over this proposal. I hope that many will take the time to attend this meeting on June 23 at 6:00 to learn more about Joshua House. The zoom meeting ID is 812 481 4661; the password is 1234.

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