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Hope in 2022

Thank you to all of our community partners that are bringing hope to our neighborhood. Vaccination rates have almost doubled in the Gardenland area; 60% of residents are now vaccinated. Stanford Settlement is offering weekly vaccination clinics and reports that many of the people coming in are getting their first shot. I am glad that the word is getting out that the CPVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. We have lost too many people from this awful virus.

By the end of the year, there will be new energy on Northgate Blvd. A mural is going up on Northgate and Peralta. The tattered banners in the area will soon be removed and replaced by bright new banners. Other projects include new fencing and stoplights. There are so many great projects happening thanks to all of our community partners.

We are planning on another Bobby Jackson Basketball Academy in the late spring and Dia de los Muertos in the fall among other regular events for 2022. Let's have a great year!

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