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Happy Holidays

2020 will be the year when we reassessed what is important to us. One of the events that GNNA has always enjoyed is our annual holiday dinner. We had to cancel it this year due to the pandemic but still want to do something special. So this year, GNNA is having a drive-thru toy giveaway on Thursday December 10. Many of our families are hurting and we hope to give some hope and joy to this season. Unfortunately, we have run out of spots and have a long waiting list but no matter what, we are giving away around 200 toys. A huge thank you to our generous sponsors:

Dr. Greenthumbs on Northgate Blvd.


Vice Mayor Jeff Harris

Council Member Angelique Ashby

Supervisor Phil Serna

Another event coming up is the annual Christmas Tree on Friday December 4 from 6 - 8. This will be a drive-thru event with Santa on hand and goodie bags handed out. We are celebrating the holidays differently this year but the meaning of joy, hope, and family can still be enjoyed.

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