About Us

The Gardenland Northgate Neighborhood is located in the South Natomas area of Sacramento, CA.  We are a neighborhood of older homes with mutligenrational families. GNNA is a 501(c)3 non-profit that is an advocate for our neighborhood.  We support our community by giving scholarships to local students, supporting local sports teams and commmunity organizations. We encourage residents to learn about what is going on in our area through monthly meetings.  At our monthly meetings, residents can meet each other, ask questions of the Sacramento police and representatives from our City Council.  We have speakers that speak on concerns of the neighborhood. We have an annual holiday dinner for neighbors to spend time together and enjoy food that comes from local businesses.


One of the things we can all do while practicing social isolation is to fill out the 2020 United States Census.  Sacramento County is at 70% participation.  It takes only a few minutes to fill out and has an impact on services and funding for our community for the next 10 years.  For information on how much participation there is for different groups, go to:



GNNA Boundaries

The lighter the color, the higher the participation in the census.  The light blue backward L is our neighborhood and has a 55% rate of participation. 


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