Our Mission

The mission of Gardenland/Northgate Neighborhood Association is to bring residents together to promote involvement in activities that will enhance the quality of life, safety, educational opportunities, beauty and positive business development of our community


Our monthly meetings are held at the Stanford Settlement located at 450 West El Camino, Sacramento CA 95833. We meet on the second Thursday of the even months at 6:30pm.

Mailing Address:


450 West El Camino Ave

Sacramento CA 95833

The Gardenland and Northgate neighborhoods were established during the 1920's when agriculture and the railroad were the economic foundation of the Sacramento area. Residents of these neighborhoods were drawn to the area for its wide-open beauty and the variety of its landscape. Farming opportunities in the vast expanses of tomato, sugar beet, and rice fields in the greater Natomas area and employment in the nearby railroad maintenance yards also made these neighborhoods desirable locations to settle. The Gardenland and Northgate neighborhoods continue to offer a peaceful alternative to the hustle and bustle of city and suburban life in a natural setting comprised of large residential lots. A very large and close-knit core of residents whose families have lived in the area for many generations enhances life in the neighborhoods. This vanguard of residents maintains a lively social atmosphere in the neighborhoods and an ongoing commitment and dedication to the community.

Our Community

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