Neighbors and businesses working to create a more vibrant and safe Northgate Boulevard  

Northgate Blvd. is the heart of the Gardenland Northgate area of Sacramento.  For too long, Northgate has been used by drivers as a shortcut from downtown to North Natomas or to I-80.  The Northgate Advisory Group is determined to change this.  NAG wants drivers to slow down and experience the businesses along Northgate Blvd. including a variety of ethnic markets and restaurants. ​

NAG is a subcommittee of GNNA and regularly reports on NAG activities.  NAG is working with the City of Sacramento to get resources for economic development to Northgate Blvd.  Some of the projects that NAG is pursuing include getting funds for a staff person to arrange and market activities along Northgate and interest businesses in locating along Northgate.  NAG heard from a muralist who sees Northgate Blvd. as a wonderful canvass to attract artists.  NAG has been researching other economically-depressed areas for ideas and partnerships.

NAG Priorities 

Traffic Safety 

Northgate Blvd. is too often used as a throughfare to I-80 and North Natomas.  NAG is working with the City of Sacramento on prioritizing traffic safety.


Northgate has an image problem due to trash.  Community clean ups are an important part of beautification.

NAG Members

Joe Contreraz               
Heather Fargo               

Rebecca Sandoval        

George Azar                 

Liz Johnson                   

Annette Emery             

Frances Huizar              

Dennis Spear                 

Jocelyn Navarro            

Sally Andrade                
Julio Lamas                    
Veronica Herrera        

President and long-term resident
Former Mayor

Trustee, Twin Rivers Unified School District

Owner of Tex Mex Taquiera food truck 

Resident and researcher

President of GNNA

Treasurer of GNNA

Publisher of N Magazine

Staff to Council Member Jeff Harris


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