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GNNA Scholarships

GNNA is proud to have given out scholarships to local students for over 20 years. GNNA has always counted on the generosity of our community to fund these scholarships. Over the years, we have had donations from Council Members Jeff Harris and Angelique Ashby, along with Supervisor Phil Serna. Dr. Greenthumbs cannabis dispensary has donated money every year to our holiday dinner with the leftover going to scholarhips. GNNA has also done fundraising through a raffle at our annual holiday dinner and helping run the wine and beer stand at Natomas Pops in the Park.

The Pandemic made fundraising more difficult however, the community still came through. GNNA members had Facebook fundraisers to celebrate their birthdays and found this to be an easy and effective fundraiser. This year, GNNA also had a new donation for our scholarship from Dave Smith, the franchisee of Taco Bells in the area. Due to Dave's generous donation of $5000 for each of the next two years, GNNA has been able to increase the size of our scholarships. Please check the scholarship page to find out more about the annual GNNA scholarship and apply.

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